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Saint Peter Claver's Story

(June 26, 1581 - Sept. 8, 1654)

He was born in Spain, a young Jesuit that left his home land forever in 1610 as a missionary and sailed to Cartagena, Colombia and he was ordained there in 1615.

He served, assist and defend the slaves coming from West Africa, upon their arrival many of them dead, sick and hungry. He would console them and assist them in all their possible needs with food, bread, lemon, tobacco, medical and spiritual strength with the help of interpreters since they were treated like animals by the colonizer. 

During the 40 years of his ministry he instructed and baptized about 300,000 slaves, he considered them as brothers and sisters, children of God's love.
Fr Claver was a moral force in Cartagena, he preached and spoke at the squares and influence many, sailors, traders and plantation owners.

After 4 years of sickness and neglecting himself, he died on September 8, 1654, and he was canonized in 1888, and Pope Leo XIII declared him a patron of missionary work among black slaves.

Saint Peter Clever is highly regarded for his great selfless sacrifice and care for the slaves, he's the Patron Saint of:
  • African Americans
  • African Missions
  • Colombia
  • Comedians
  • Communication Workers
  • Interracial Justice
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Saint Peter Clever Pray For Us....
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Our Lady of Lourdes when She appeared to St. Bernadette asked to add an extra decade when you pray the rosary for the souls of purgatory.


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