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Welcome to 7 Sorrows Rosaries Store!

Thank you for visiting our store. We are located in New York City and have been open since 2013.

This website is dedicated to the "The Seven Sorrows Rosary". Our Lady asked all of us to pray when she appeared in Kibeho, Rwanda during 1981.

She, (the Holy Virgin) promised that if praying with an open and repentant heart, the rosary would win us forgiveness for our sins and free us from guilt. She also promised that over time, the rosary would develop within us a deep understanding of why we sin, which would give us wisdom and strength to change so we could enjoy the life that God intended for us.

She needs our help to spread the word and repeatedly urged us to always wear holy, blessed objects, such as medals, scapulars, and rosaries saying, "It is a sign to the devil that we belong to God."

We are honoring Our Lady’s request by creating beautiful Rosaries and teaching as many people as possible how to pray with them. These lovely rosaries are handcrafted and specially designed to be worn either as a necklace or bracelet that can easily be removed for prayer.

Our work is based on our faith and belief that one’s relationship with God must always be first and foremost in one’s life. We strongly believe that wearing inspirational and devotional jewelry like these rosaries reminds us of the importance of maintaining a close and constant connection with God. Theses attractive rosaries are a simple way to advertise and share our faith with others.

We donate a percentage of all sales to those in need, The 7 Sorrows Rosary Charity.

If you are searching for something truly unique, feel free to tell us as all of our rosaries are handmade and we can design or modify a piece especially for you. They are beautifully packaged and make great gifts. 


Additional information:
We make and design all Sterling Silver handmade 7 Sorrows Rosaries, Single Decades, Bracelets and Earrings, with semi-precious gem stones, Freshwater-Cultured Pearls and coral beads.

Beads Size, color and length will be approximate, because of the nature of the natural material and the fact that they are handmade.

We use Sterling Silver wires to put together what is shown on images, and unlike machine made jewelry, our handcrafted jewelry is very resistant to wear and tear. If it ever breaks, send it back and we will repair it.

We love our visitors and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our "Contact us" form below to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.


God Bless you!
7 Sorrows Rosaries Team

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