Become an Apostle of Our Lady of Kibeho

To help build up the Kingdom of God by expanding the current network of “Apostles of Kibeho” and helping them to formulate prayer groups.

Building the Kingdom through Apostles and Prayer Groups
By allowing people to become an integral part of this mission, we will enable people to gain merits and graces through their efforts in helping in this mission of Our Lady.

  • Initiation Prayer (Renewed yearly).
  • Attend Holy Mass daily, if possible.
  • Pray the at least one rosary daily or the whole rosary if possible.
  • Pray the Seven Sorrows rosary daily if not Tuesday and Friday.
  • Morning and Evening prayers of the Divine Office (optional, but recommended).
  • Strive to live the messages of Our Lady in your daily life.
  • Talk to at least one person each week about the messages of Our Lady of Kibeho and offer CD and/or book, or invite to your prayer group.
  • Encourage and try to formulate a local prayer group which meets weekly on Friday or Tuesday or monthly. The center of the group will be to pray the Seven Sorrows Rosary.
  • Men: Use St. Joseph as your example of how to love your family and Jesus as he did and have Our Lady be your guide.
  • Women: Strive to learn more about the nature of Our Lady and have her be your model for your life in her selfless love for her family, Jesus and all God’s children.
  • Create a list of suggested reading for Apostles/Prayer Group members.

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