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Donation for Immaculee's 7 Sorrows Fund

Thank you for visiting our website. A percentage of your purchase in this website or anywhere that we sell our religious items goes to help poor. We focus mostly in Rwanda, Africa, which is the country we visit the most. Your contribution will help the poor of the poorest families, paying school’s fees, meals and school uniform for student who wish to grow on a carrier and need and don’t have any money. We help children and adults, for Primary school level, Secondary level (Junior High & High School) and College Level.

Donate to Charity

I'm impressed of how passionate all these kids and adults are with going to school, they really love going to school and I'm witness to see their excellent school reports. To see how proud and happy their families are. 

You could be their only chance out of their poverty, therefor join our mission in dealing with the deeper causes of poverty. Not small donation it's too small, you can purchase something at our website or events we sell our items or donate here.

God will bless you in everything you do.

Also, you can purchase any item in this website and a percentage would go to Donation, you can go to our Home page at and you can navigate and check under Paul's Collections for my own Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry or hover your mouse to "Other to Religious Collection" or if you want to spread the faith check "Bulk" for wholesale lower rates rosaries, prayer booklets, etc. (Very competitive wholesale rates). 


Immaculee's Student Sponsorship Program

Having worked so closely with the students of the Mere Du Verbe school in Kibeho, we have decided to open a student sponsorship program where people can sponsor a student for their education either at Mere du Verbe school, at a university or at the seminary. Many students in Rwanda are very bright and want to further their education but have families who are unable to pay their school fees and ultimately they never have the opportunity to better their lives.

At Mere du Verbe about half the students are unable to pay their schools fees which leaves the children eating very poor quality food and having inadequate sanitary conditions. By sponsoring a student for $500/year (or whatever you can afford), that student will then eat properly for an entire year, have a school uniform and receive the necessary books and school supplies they will need to learn properly.
University and seminary is also a privelege for only a few students in Rwanda. With donations earmarked for "seminary" or "university" we can help form the priests and religious for tomorrow's church and unversity students who can better their own future and that of their families by helping to support them.
All donations are tax-deductible and we will send you a letter. 
God bless you, Immaculee



PS: If you have any questions about the school or how your can help, please send us a message at the form below or at or call (402) 750-0961. We will respond as soon as possible.


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    If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us using the form below.