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Saint Therese of Lisieux 

(Jan 2nd, 1873 - Sept 30, 1897)
Therese Martin entered the convent at the age of 15 and died in 1897 at the age of 24. Her story is read and loved throughout the world. She suffered illness throughout her entire life, she prayed for souls and priest. 
Before she died, she wrote: “I want to spend my heaven doing good on Earth.” 

Therese, sought to serve others, to do something outside herself, to forget herself in quite simple acts of love. To learn to forget ourselves, to contemplate a God who brings us out of ourselves, and to serve others. These are the insights of St Thérèse, and they are more essential today than ever.

She was canonized in 1925 and on October 19, 1997, Pope John Paul II proclaimed her a Doctor of the Church, she's recognized for her holiness and the influence of her teaching on the spirituality of the Church.

Her parents, Louis and Zélie, were beatified in 2008 and canonized in 2015.

Prayer of St Therese Child of Jesus

"Jesus, your little brides resolve to keep their eyes low­ered in the refectory so that they may honor You and imi­tate the example You gave them when You were in Herod's presence. When that impious ruler mocked You, O Infinite Beauty, not a 5 complaint fell from your divine lips. You did not even deign to rest your adorable eyes on him. Oh! di­vine Jesus, doubtless Herod did not deserve a look from You, but we, your brides, want to attract your divine gaze toward us. We ask You to reward us with 10 a look of love ev­ery time we deprive ourselves of raising our eyes and we ask You not to refuse us this gentle look even when we fall since we will count our failings. We will form a bouquet that you will not reject; we are confident of it. In these flowers, You will see our desire to 15 love You and to resemble You, and You will bless your little children.
O Jesus! look on us with love and give us your sweet kiss.

Saint Therese is Patron Saint of:

Pray the Rosary today in her honor and ask St Therese to send you a Rose as a proof that she will intercede for you from the bottom of your heart, and that we may change in little simple ways, one step at the time as she did.

Saint Therese Child of Jesus, Pray for us...

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Our Lady of Lourdes when She appeared to St. Bernadette asked to add an extra decade when you pray the rosary for the souls of purgatory.

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