We are so excited to be visiting so many cities and world Holy Sites. We are inviting you to join us and your families and friends. Sometimes it is hard to express the importance of a retreats and pilgrimages, until you hear somebody who was there say what they got from it. Here are some of the comments:

"This has been an absolutely positive experience, awe inspiring, faith renewing retreat. The price is just right and enables everyone to be able to attend."

"Immaculee, I am so glad I could come and see you speak, it was very inspirational. I am the same age as your daughter :)! Thank you so much!"!

"I drove 8 hours to get here and it was all worth it."

"I have always felt I wanted and needed to open my heart but I was afraid to take the step and I now have the courage of faith."

"This has been more than a retreat, very special one of a kind moments, so powerful. You are a gift, a grace sent by God!"

"This was such an amazing experience being able to see and hear first-hand from Immaculee her story."

"Thank you for helping me to re-focus on what is important, for giving me the courage to choose love, hope, joy and forgiveness."

"I had a wonderful time, it was very powerful, I will never forget this retreat. Thank you for everything."

"This retreat have brought out emotions in me I have never felt before. It has brought spirituality in my life. Thank you for an amazing experience."

"I loved this retreat, it was very personal, I felt like I was sitting in my living room with my best friends. Very inspirational :)!"

"I am not catholic. I have been wounded and grieving much in my life.  Today Mother Mary CAME to ME and I believe and know a miracle happened! Thank you."

"This retreat has inspired me to sing, dance and pray more. I am inspired to be dedicated to lengthy prayer. I am inspired to ASK God for specific intentions."

"This has been just a wonderful blessing. You are just lovely! I want to tell you that I am not catholic, I am Pentecostal and I have a mouth full of amazing things to tell some judgmental Pentecostals about Catholics after listening to you."

"I came with my bible group, we wanted to be touched and we were touched more than you can ever imagine..."

" It has given me peace to know how much I am loved by Mary and to know that she has received my prayers brings total peace and total trust in Jesus."

"This retreat has encouraged me to seek new ways of living, thinking. I have felt boxed in, or in the closet for many years. Now I want to be all that God desires me to be!"

"This retreat has encouraged me to step up to use my talents as God desires, with no fear."

"I am inspired, filled with love. I have a clear vision for what I am do. My path which I have been on is now crystal clear. Thank you for this gift. I am loving myself and loving the world."

"Thank you for an amazing weekend, I loved praying the Seven Sorrows Rosary."

"This retreat have helped me not only to keep my faith but to also keep it growing. "

"You have given me a new meaning to the words FORGIVENESS and LOVE! Thank you"

"Awesome, life changing weekend. Your ability to forgive; to love. If you can, I can too."

"I have now a new desire to forgive my grandmother ..."

"This has been a confirmation of what our faith is all about. Thank you"


I hope and pray that those who will come, will be touched and healed as those in the past. May God bless you and keep you in His Joy and Peace. 

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