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When I think about saints, I think of someone who lived an ordinary life and who has lived an extraordinary life with virtues and faith. We can learn from their lives so we could get inspire and grow in faith.

St. Nicholas  271 - 343 AD
Nicholas was born in Patara, a small Turkish town in Asia Minor.  His parents were wealthy but died when he was young.  In true Christian spirit, he used his inheritance to help those who were suffering or in need.  He saved three poor girls from prostitution by giving them a dowry.  Without a dowry they could not marry.  He secretly left three bags of gold for them in the middle of the night.  The three gold balls seen outside pawnshops symbolize them.  He also saved a sailor during a storm at sea.  His concern for ships and sailors would spread his reputation throughout the Mediterranean and up the Atlantic Coast.  He was appointed Bishop of Myra at a young age because of his great generosity, concern for those in need and his love of young people. He was jailed and tortured during the Diocletian persecutions. He is known by different names throughout Europe including: Sinterklaas, Kleeschen, Sint Niklaas, and Pere Noel.  He rewards good children with gifts but may leave a piece of coal for the bad.  He became the Patron Saint of children, unmarried girls, and sailors.  Many miracles are attributed to him.  His remains are buried in the Basilica di San Nicola at Bari, a port in Italy.

Let's pray a Rosary in his honor, his feast day is December 6th.
Click here to pray the Holy Rosary
Always add an extra decade when you pray the rosary for the souls of purgatory. I heard that this was suggested by Our Lady of Lourdes when She appeared to St. Bernadette.

Click here to pray the 7 Sorrows Rosary

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