November 11, 2016 1 min read

When I think about saints, I think of someone who lived an ordinary life and who has lived an extraordinary life with virtues and faith. We can learn from their lives so we could get inspire and grow in faith.

St. Martin of Tours  (316-397)
He was born a pagan but was attracted to Christianity at an early age. His life changed after a miraculous event when he was in the military.  He saw a nearly naked beggar on the road and gave him half his cloak.  He had a vision of Jesus, telling the Angels of his charity.  St Martin was ordained as an exorcist and fought against the Arianism Heresy.  This heresy taught that the nature of Jesus was different from the nature of God.  St Martin was appointed Bishop of Tours and founded the Abbey of Marmoutier.  After his death in 397, his burial site became a destination site of pilgrimages.  In the Middle Ages, it became the third most popular pilgrimage site after Jerusalem and Rome.  St Martin is the Patron Saint of the military, horses and against poverty and alcoholism.
Let's pray a Rosary in his honor, his feast day is November 11th

Today is Veterans Day, we can ask St. Martin to intercede for all the Veterans, all the heroes that defended our nation, let's pray for the wounded and for the souls that need our Prayer. 
Click here to pray the Holy Rosary
Always add an extra decade when you pray the rosary for the souls of purgatory. I heard that this was suggested by Our Lady of Lourdes when She appeared to St. Bernadette.

Click here to pray the 7 Sorrows Rosary

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